Turkish Flat Bag Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish flat bag, Turkey flat bag manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality flat bag from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

AYPEK OTOMOTIV LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Fatma CİHAN YILMAZ    
s return replacement parts bag, magnet mudguard cover, chamois glass pad, patch handle shopping bags, garbage bag, trash bag, stretch, printed bag, pp bag, ldpe bag, flat bag, handle bag, disposable seat cover, paper floor mat, masking sheeting, modified atmosphere packaging, lifepack, map, antifog bag, pp bag, ldpe bag, courier bag, patch handle shopping bag, garbage bag roll, printed flat bag, laundry bag roll
AGAPAK AMB. PLASTIK LTD. STI.        Türkiye         
s shrink film, bags and rolls, garbage bags, bags, printed bags, plastic, poly bag, shopping, trash bags, packaging bags, clear bags, bag, poly, trash liners, recycled bags, poly shipping, paper bag, bags custom, printed poly, polythene bags, size trash, custom plastic, bag sizes, bags small, pp bags, bag industry, bin bags, polybag, ziplock bags, bags uk, flat bag, plastic pouch, shipping bag, bag factory, shipping plastic, trash, plastic mailing, kitchen bags, bag roll, business plastic, garbage, mailer bags, polypropylene bags, refuse bags, bag packing, eco bag, packaging, waste bags, can bags, poly mailing, disposable bags, package, plastic bag, packaging, bags, package, plastic, paper bag, bag, printed bags, pp bags, plastic bag, poly bag, trash bags, polypropylene bags, poly, packaging bags, garbage bags, waste bags, recycled bags, bin bags, shopping, disposable bags, garbage, bag factory
VN PLASTIC CO. LTD.        Vietnam     Lee Duc    
s plastic bag, hdpe bag, shopping bag, grocery bag, vest bag, t shirt bag, star seal bag, bag on roll, flat bag, plastic sheet, flat bag
DIKON AMBALAJ SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Burcu DİKER    
s bags, carton bags, craft bags, flat bags, gift bags, pizza bags, place mats, wrapping papers, paper sacks, boxes, carton boxes, paper boxes, stickers, airtouch napkins, napkins, wet wipes, wet rolls, magnets, stick sugar, stick salt, stick pepper, sachet sugar, sachet salt, sachet pepper, toothpacks, paper sticks, paper sachets, paper sachet pepper, paper sachet sugar, paper sachet salt, box, paper box, napkin, bag, wrapping paper, carton bag, gift bag, sticker, wet wipe, place mat, carton box, paper sack, flat bag, paper stick salt, paper stick sugar, paper stick pepper, craft bag, pizza bag, airtouch napkin, wet roll
TURKER POLIMER SAN. LTD. STI.        Türkiye     Asime Altiok    
s polymer, industrial films, films, packing films, packaging films, packs, packagings, packings, shrinks, roll nylons, roll plastics, nylons, cover coats, sole nylons, stretches, stretch hoods, bags, pochettes, nylon bags, pouches, carrier bags, flexible packings, flexible packs, printed packs, printed packings, shirtbag, garbage bag, plastik bag, shopping bag, sacks, ldpe, hdpe, recycling, patch handle, soft loop, flexi loop, dkt, garbage bags, plastik bags, polyethylen, polyethlene, multifunctional bag, multifunctional bags, shopping bags, carrier bag, flat bag, flat bags, packaging, packing, bag, pe film, plastic sack, plastic bag, recycling, hdpe, ldpe, shrink, roll nylon, film, pouch, polyethylen, packaging film, carrier bag, flat bag, packing film, printed packing, printed bag, stretches, pochette, stretch hood, polymere, industrial film, roll plastic, printed shirt bag, dress bag, softl loop
OZTAS AMBALAJ SAN. A.S.        Türkiye     Aziz ABDİK    
s bag, bags, paper bag, paper bags, paper bag with twisted handle, paper bags with twisted handle, paper bag with flat handle, paper bags flat handles, paper bag with die-cut handle, paper bags with die-cut handle, gift bag, gift bags, gift bag with adhesive tape, gift bags withadhesive tape, block bottom bag, block bottom bags, block bottom bag with die-cut window, block bottom bags with die-cut window, flour bag, flour bags, charcoal bag, charcoal bags, tea bag, tea bags, flat bag, flat bags, paper, paper products, paper product, flat bag, satchel bag, satchel bags, paper bag with handle, flat bag with strip window, flat bags with strip window, satchel bag with strip window, satchel bags with strip window, flat bag with offset window, flat bags with offset window, wrapping sheet, tray sheet